+27 31 827 8971, +2778 022 7860, +277 3 315 4738 enquiries@kzntutors.co.za
+27 31 827 8971, +2778 022 7860, +277 3 315 4738 enquiries@kzntutors.co.za

About Us

KZN TUTORS was born after identifying the need to offer professional coaching to learners studying local and International examinations. KZN TUTORS was established in 2016 in Durban KwaZulu-Natal to offer professional Coaching to students who want to better their chances of succeeding their examination in a friendly yet professional atmosphere where studies are offered on a one on one basis as well as group studies.

We assess student’s performance regularly so that we can identify their rea of need early in their studies so that we can give them support in order for them to copy with the relevant syllabus of their choice

We are of the belief that students need professional coaching for them to understand their studies that is why we have grouped for them professional and qualified Teachers to assist them to pass their final examinations.


We offer Tuition to students who want to study and write International syllabus, such as Cambridge syllabus to broaden their scope of the outside world. We offer our learners a clean and safe environment to study under the careful supervision of their tutors. Learners are assisted with stationery removing the burden form their parents’ shoulder so that learners concentrate on their core task of learning. We are guided by the syllabus and we also give learners a taste of what is expected in their final exams through studying past exams.

Tuition is also offered to students who want to learn and write Zimsec

Examinations from form 1 up to A Level’s. Teachers have been carefully selected who have a good track record who will offer professional coaching to students in preparation for the exam.

We offer local students who want to write, upgrade, rewrite and supplement their Matric an opportunity to work with a team that is committed, dedicated and hardworking towards achieving a 100% pass rate to students registered at our institution.    

Last but not least, we also offer classes for part time learning, distant learning and extra classes to students in any grade.

Mission Statement

Bridging the Gap to your future Dreams and future. We seek to be the best provider of professional educational services to local and international students which are regulated by different bodies to enable students to excel and start living their dreams and for them to have a prosperous future.

Vision statement

We see our institution offering our services to all the province of South Africa offering our citizens an opportunity to better their lives and become relevant to the communities in which they live in.

Pass Rate95%
Skilled Staff100%%